St John's - Values, Ethos and Aims

About our School
Deepcar St John’s is a Voluntary Aided Church of England Junior School catering for children from the ages of 7 to 11 years and is classified as a ‘Foundation School’. The present building was opened in 1968 and stands within a modern private housing estate. The school has eight large classrooms, hall and dining area, library, a recently updated ICT suite, music room, administrative offices, junior kitchen and resource areas.

The school is a well-maintained building situated within extensive and beautiful grounds with amazing views across the valley.  In addition to our large playing fields, obstacle course, two large playgrounds, nature reserve and orchard, we also have a designated quiet area for children who like a quiet place to read or draw during break and lunch times. 


Children are drawn predominantly from its intake area of surrounding houses. Miss Jones is the Executive head of both Deepcar St John's and our feeder school, Royd Nursery Infant School, which adjoins the site. Due to this, we have close links with them, particularly regarding the transition and induction of Infant children into our school. A number of children, through parents’ preferential choice, travel to the school from ’out of catchment’ area. 

For the 2020/2021 academic year the school has five classes of mixed ability: three mixed year 3 and 4 classes,  one year 5 class, and one class in year 6.  We have 3 full time teaching staff: Mr Horner - Year 6, Miss Danks and Miss Steward - year 3/4. Mrs Bradwell teaches in year 3/4 on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Mrs Bell teaches on a Monday and Tuesday. Mrs Stewart and Mrs Riley work part time and job share in year 5.  Mrs Thompson teaches in year 6 in a morning alongside Mr Horner.   Furthermore, we have a Learning Mentor, four full time teaching assistants and a Sports and PE Coach. 

Being a Voluntary Aided School, we have close links with St John’s Church in Deepcar and regularly celebrate the major events in the Christian calendar either in school or by visiting the local parish church. The Vicar, Rev Hilda Issacson, regularly visits our school.  

Whilst professing the uniquenes
s of the Christian faith, we welcome all children from the neighbourhood regardless of family beliefs and faiths. There is no ideological pressure and yet Christian inferences are built into our ethos to help ensure all children develop their full educational, spiritual and social potential.

Ethos and Values 

The school's vision statement is 'To create a welcoming Christian community of mutual love and care, where all are valued for who they are, where everyone is inspired to reach their full potential'.  Our core values underpin all we do. Our school is a place where the individual matters. 

Deepcar St John's is very much a community school. We want our school to be a happy, caring, challenging and purposeful place for all who enter. We think that children will learn best when they are happy at their work. We aim to give each child interesting and relevant work with 
positive feedback.

We know that children who learn best are those who are attentive, enthusiastic, kind, polite and respectful. Developing these habits supports children in becoming independent and knowledgeable.

As a church school, St John’s works with confidence from a Christian foundation to provide the best possible education for its pupils. We believe in encouraging children to succeed academically, socially and to be able to become responsible citizens.

The school's vision statement is 'To create a welcoming Christian community of mutual love and care, where all are valued for who they are, where everyone is inspired to reach their full potential'.  Our core values underpin all we do. Our school is a place where the individual matters. 

We uphold:

Telling the truth
Keeping promises.
Respecting the rights and property of others.
Acting considerately towards others
Helping those less fortunate and weaker than others.
Taking personal responsibility for our actions.

We reject and will be proactive in confronting

Racism, sexism or similar practices which discriminate against minority groups.
Bullying and cruelty.
Cheating, deceit and irresponsibility. 

Our Aims

We aim to:

  • Provide a whole range of curriculum experiences and learning opportunities which enable a child to learn and grow, acquire skills and knowledge, find fulfilment and pleasure in the things he/she achieves and then eventually be able to play his/her part in the adult world.
  • Ensure that each child is cherished for who they are as well as for what they can achieve.
  • Maintain the school as a place of mutual respect and high standards, where children are encouraged to think and discover for themselves. Where the love of life and learning and the appreciation of beauty can be shared and developed within a happy and peaceful atmosphere of love, care and respect.
  • Provide a place where children are given the opportunity to encounter a ‘living faith’.
  • Create an atmosphere and an ethos which reflects mutual care and concern; a clear expression of Christian values and respect and encourages those of other faiths and no faith.  
  • To make inclusion central to our daily life, ensuring that children have every opportunity regardless of gender, race, culture or disability.
  • Ensure that we act as responsible stewards of the environment, seeking to minimise waste and excessive consumption and encouraging the whole school to treat creation with proper respect.

Additional School Information 

We have an excellent Facebook page. Find us at ‘Deepcar St Johns C of E School’ This is regularly updated and gives information about what
children have been learning, provides reminders and important information for parents. It is a great way of communicating news and information about what is happening at St John's. 

In adverse weather conditions, please check the link below, which will provide you with information about alerts that come from Sheffield City Council and will inform you if there is to be a late opening of the school or a closure. We will also keep our website and Facebook page updated. 








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