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About our School
Deepcar St John’s is a Voluntary Aided Church of England Junior School catering for children from the ages of 7 to 11 years and is classified as a ‘Foundation School’. The present building was opened in 1968 and stands within a modern private housing estate.

The school is a well maintained modern building situated within extensive and beautiful grounds with amazing views across the valley.  In addition to our large playing fields, obstacle course and 2 large playgrounds, we also have our own Orchard and Nature Reserve. This year we have been very excited about the development of our designated quiet area, this has been designed for children who would like a quiet place to go and either read or draw at break or lunch times. 

Our school has eight very large classrooms, a hall, separate dining area, library, ICT suite, music, audio-visual room, administrative offices and home economics and resource areas.

Children are drawn predominantly from its intake area of surrounding houses. Royd Nursery Infant School, our feeder school, adjoins the site and we have close links with them, particularly regarding the transition and induction of Infant children into our school. A number of children, through parents’ preferential choice, travel to the school from ’out of catchment’ area.
The school currently has six classes of mixed ability, with 3 mixed year 3 and 4 classes. two classes in year 5 and one class in year 5.  We have six full time teaching staff, who have general class teaching responsibilities. Additionally, we have two teachers, who after returning from their maternity leave are on a job share.  Furthermore,  we have a Learning Mentor,  a number of teaching assistants and a Sports and PE Coach. 

Being a Voluntary Aided School we have close links with St John’s Church in Deepcar and regularly celebrate the major events in the Christian calendar either in school or by visiting the local parish church. The Vicar, Rev Hilda Issacson regularly visits our school. She joins us each half term, with some friends from the church, to share with the children a story from the bible. 

Whilst professing the uniqueness of the Christian faith, we welcome all children from the neighbourhood regardless of family beliefs and faiths. There is no ideological pressure and yet Christian inferences are built into this ethos should ensure all children develop their full educational, spiritual and social potential.

Academic achievements are very important to us, however we do like to help our pupils to develop in other areas too, for example allowing children to learn to play musical instruments through the Music Hub service. Private lessons are available during school time. Additionally, all children in year 4 have lessons on playing the Viola or Violin.

We are very fortunate to have both extensive and beautiful school grounds allowing us to take our learning outside, especially in the summer months. We have used natural resources to make Art Work, studied our Changing Environment as part of Science and used our quiet area for lessons or to enjoy a story at the end of the day. Our Eco Warriors are often outside, this year they have been busy picking apples, helping to put up bird and bat boxes and creating 'bug houses'.

The school run is the cause of congestion and frustration for many people. In the last ten years the number of pupils travelling to school by car has nearly doubled. At St John's we want to encourage more pupils to walk, cycle, scoot or use public transport and decrease the number of cars on the school run. This will mean: fewer cars outside school; making the area safer for pupils, road safety skills can be practised by pupils, regular walking or cycling can improve the health and fitness of you and your child, less cars reduces the CO2 emissions and pollution, walking to school is sociable for you and your child. Our school aims to spread the environmental and sustainable travel message to our staff and pupils and we take part in a number of incentives to help with this, for example, Big Pedal and 10 Day Active Travel. 

Many after schools clubs are available. Our Choir meet once a week to practise for the many events they attend, run by Miss Danks and Mrs Stewart.. Please see Parent Information, after school clubs for more details of the current clubs on offer. 


Working with outside agencies, like Links School Sport Partnership, we take part in a number of competitive sporting competitions, and have entered teams into Football, Athletics, Boccia, Frisbee, Multi-Sport and Basketball tournaments at other schools in the area. Go to 'Our Learning,' Sports for more information. 

Every year, our year 6 pupils get the opportunity to learn how to keep themselves safe whilst cycling with our free 'Bikability' course.

We have a number of visitors to the school, two regular visitors are M and M Productions and Pendle Productions, both are theatre groups. In December Pendle Productions came to St John's for this years Christmas Pantomime, Cinderella and more recently, M and M productions have entertained the children with The Wizard of Oz. 

We run many fundraising events, MacMillian Coffee mornings, Children in Need, Comic Relief, Operation Christmas Child and The British Heart Foundation. We also raise money for our sponsored additional pupil in Africa called Monifique. 

We also have an excellent Facebook page. Find us at ‘Deepcar St Johns C of E school’ This is regularly updated with pictures of children, it also contains  information about what they have been learning, provides reminders and important information for parents.

In adverse weather conditions, please check the link below which will provide you with information about alerts that come from Sheffield City Council and will inform you if there is to be a late opening of the school or a closure.